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Inventory & Accounting

Key features include:

Inventory accountants, also known as cost accountants, are experts regarding the costs associated with producing and storing inventory. Every business that has a physical inventory needs an inventory accountant at least once a year, so they can find employment in virtually any industry. Large corporations with multiple retail locations around the country may employ in-house inventory accountants, but most work for cost accounting firms and juggle multiple clients across different industries. This position is not the standard office accounting job. Inventory accountants spend most of their time at the client location orchestrating and overseeing the inventory process. It is a salaried position, but it requires strange hours as inventory has to be conducted outside of normal business hours.

User friendly Interface
Non commerce faculty user can do accounting easily, Trading Account, PL Account, Balance Sheet reports are on click to go
Customizable options, invoices
Easily accessible past invoices, records
Almost all records can be modified
Statistical and graphical analysis of all data
Data can be exported in six various formats(Excel, Word, HTML, etc)
Permissions according to users
SMS, Email facility to credit customers, quotations, due payment alerts
Data backup, restore facility, auto backup facility
Barcode scanning & Printin
Mobile Sales
Computer Sales
Electrical Shopee
Hardware & Plumbing
Paints Shopee
Garments & Cloth Stores
Medical Shopee
Electronic Shopee
Agro Products
Ice-Cream Parlours
Wholesalers and Agencies
General Stores
Departmental Stores
Stationary Stores
Shoes Stores
Grocery Stores
Wine Shopee
Trading Businesses